Something about FreundSein:

FreundSein Recordings is a modern and pulsing electronic music label. Founded in 2013, Pawlo Tojeda (Netherlands) and Chris Lustig (Germany) created a space for talented people, artists as well as fans of electronic music.

When Pawlo and Chris met in Berlin’s clubs, they immediately connected due to their same taste of music and the joy it brings to both. After making music for a couple of years, founding a label was the next big step for them as creators of electronic music. Thename »FreundSein« itself, meaning »being a friend«, points out the philosophy and spirit behind this project: it’s an homage to friendship, happiness, loyalty and respect as well as the commitment to electronic house and minimal music.

At FreundSein they do not mass-produce but create honest music that comes from the heart. They keep releasing music on vinyl, expressing the founders’ passion for spinning the turntables and valuing music as a handcrafted product that needs time and a lot of energy to be perfected. Nowadays, the popularity of vinyl records is growing strong again as they are symbols for music lovers as well as collectors.

The following artists are some of the skilled folks that have teamed up with FreundSein: Chazzy Chaz (UK), Marcman (Romania), Reelow (Spain), Dimitri Monov (Bulgara), Aprapta (Germany), Maximiljan (Germany), Adrianho (Romania), e.t.h.(Italy), Alessio Viagano (Italy), Tom Langusi (Germany) and Sakamaka (Netherlands). Pawlo and Chris will continue to collaborate with like-minded people from all over the world in order to deliver high quality productions with fresh and vibrant sounds.